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002-0560 Ford Locks: Pin Tumbler And Ten-Cut Systems

002-0560 Ford Locks: Pin Tumbler And Ten-Cut Systems

Code: 002-0560
Weight: 1.00 lbs



Product Description

A complete guide for servicing, re-keying and making keys to Ford locks. The locks covered include door locks (pin-tumbler & disc tumbler), steering column ignition locks (pin-tumbler & sidebar), in-dash ignition locks (old & new styles), trunk locks, and glove compartment locks. You will learn all about the Ford pin-tumbler locks and the ten-cut lock system. A special section covers impressioning both the pin-tumbler locks and the sidebar ignition locks. This tape is a must for the beginning locksmith or anyone who wants to learn about the Ford ten-cut system. Shop owners can train all of their employees in the comfort of their own shop. Length: 82 min