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002-0573 Toyota Split-Tumbler Locks

002-0573 Toyota Split-Tumbler Locks

Code: 002-0573
Weight: 1.00 lbs



Product Description

Let Tech-Train show you everything you need to know about the split-tumbler lock system that was first introduced on the 1992 Toyota Camry. This system has since become the standard Toyota lock system for both cars and trucks. In this tape you'll see how to disassemble, reassemble and rekey all of these locks. You'll see close-up views showing how these split-tumbler locks work. And, you'll see what is likely to go wrong with them! You will also see how to remove and replace each lock on the car. From the door panel disassembly to removing the taillight assembly, you'll see it all. In addition, removing the dash-mounted ignition lock is covered in detail. Don't be left behind! Get ready today to make more money tomorrow! Length: 45 min.