Keyless Locks

Simplex Parts

Simplex Push Button Locks (Mechanical)

Cores are included with all Key Override Model Simplex Locks

9600 Cabinet Locks

Simplex 900 Series

Simplex 7100 Series 

6000 Series


Simplex Residential LD451/452

Simplex Residential LD471

Simplex File Guard

2000 Simplex Key


1011 No Key Bypass

1021 Knob Key Bypass

1031 Pass NO Key Bypass

1041 W/ Key Bypass & Passage

1011 Simplex Knob W/Out Bypass

1011 Simplex Knob W/Out Bypass


L1011 No Key Bypass

L1021 W/ Key Bypass

L1031 Pass No Key Bypass

L1041 W/ Pass Opition, Key Bypass


 L1076 Privacy W/Key Bypass

5000 Lever with Key Bypass

8146 Mortise Key Bypass

8148 Mortise Deadbolt


3000 For Narrow Stile Doors

Digital Narrow Stile Lock

5010 Pushbutton for Exit Devices

LP1020 Use W/ Exit Devices





EE1000 Double Sided E-Plex Digital Lock IEI Keypads Power Lever

Alarm Lock Trilogy Digital Locks


T2 Trilogy DL2700 Digital Lock T3 Trilogy DL2800 Digital Lock Trilogy DL3000 Digital Lock Trilogy Prox Digital Lock PDL 3000
Trilogy PL3000 Prox Reader Trilogy DL3500 Mortise Locks Trilogy PDL3500 Prox. Mortise Lock Trilogy DL4000 Series
Trilogy Double Sided Locks Trilogy Digital Exit Trim Narrow Stile Digital Lock DK 3000 MS Trilogy Stand Alone Digital Keypad
 Alarm Lock Accessories Trilogy DL3200 High Capacity Audit Trail Lock Trilogy Networx T2 Trilogy DL2775 Series Digital Regal Trim Lever 
 Alarm Lock Trilogy Lever W/Regal Trim Lever Best IC Prep-Core Included Satin Chrome
CodeLock Digital and Mechanical


Narrow Stile Pushbutton CL200 Mechanical CL400 Standard CL500 Heavy Duty Pass
CL4000 Digital Lock CL5000 Digital Lock Electronic Cam Lock CL610 Lever set Heavy Duty
Codelock Heavy Duty Electronic Cabinet Lock      
Codelock Heavy Duty Electronic Cabinet Lock      

Biometric Door Locks

 Mechanical Door Locks


Westinghouse Biometric Door Lock

Lockey Pushbutton Locks








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