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002-0569 Automotive Lock Servicing Update #1: GM 10-Cut Locks

002-0569 Automotive Lock Servicing Update #1: GM 10-Cut Locks

Code: 002-0569
Weight: 1.00 lbs



Product Description

This is the first in an entirely new series of videotapes that will cover all that's new in automotive locksmithing. This tape covers two of the hottest new automotive topics: the General Motors double-sided ten-cut ignition lock system and the Mechanical Anti-Theft System (MATS) steering column. Part One of the tape covers the ten-cut ignition lock system as used in the Modular steering columns. This lock system is used on the Oldsmobile Aurora & Achieva, Buick Regal & Skylark, Pontiac Grand AM & Sunfire and the Chevrolet Cavalier. Not only will you learn how to service, repair and rekey the new ignition lock, you will also learn how to disassemble the lock with or without a working key. In addition, you'll learn how to remove the lock from the steering column with or without the key.Part Two of the tape will teach you everything you need to know to deal with the MATS system. You will see a quick and easy way to remove the shroud that covers the lock plate, using tools that you already own. This is one tape that will pay for itself very quickly! Length: 55 min.