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Codelock KL1004SGLH Cabinet Lock Horizontal Keypad LH For Doors Up To 1/4

Codelock KL1004SGLH Cabinet Lock Horizontal Keypad LH For Doors Up To 1/4

Code: KL1004SGLH
Weight: 1.00 lbs



Product Description


KL1000 Electronic Five Button Cam Lock 

5  Key Electronic Cabinet Cam Lock in Silver Grey Painted Finish with Two Cams, with One 4 Digit Master Code, One 4 Digit Sub-Master Code, and One 4 Digit User Code, User Code can be Repeat-Use or Single-Use (Locker Mode), Over 15,000 Operations on 2 AAA 2850mAh Batteries, 9V Battery External Jump Start. Fits doors 1/2” thick or less (5/8” threaded barrel).  Door Thickness: Up to 1/2" thick (use CL1005) (use CL1006 for door up to 3/4" thick)  Material: Zamac. Finish: Silver Grey. Power: 2 x 1.5 volt AAA cells. 

Will provide in excess of 15,000 openings. Low Battery: The lock will signal low battery to the user via the LED flashing. The lock will open 100 more times after this signal is initiated. Battery failure override: Should the batteries fail the lock can be opened by placing the + and - terminals of a 9 volt rectangular battery (available everywhere batteries are sold) on contact points surrounding the LED's and entering the master code. The internal AAA batteries can then be replaced. Height 126mm, Width 32mm, Depth 30 mm to top of handle. 

A) Repeated Use Important Note: This is the default option and is already pre-programmed in new locks. The same User Code is entered to open the lock every time. This is the most common option and is used where the same code will be repeatedly used. 
B) Single Use The User enters a single use code which will lock and then open the lock once only and then be erased. This function is used for short term, multi occupancy applications e.g. a locker in a leisure center.