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Simplex 9621C21-26D-41 For Wood Door 5/8 to 7/8 Cross Throw  Spring Latch  With Plate  Satin Chrome

Simplex 9621C21-26D-41 For Wood Door 5/8 to 7/8 Cross Throw Spring Latch With Plate Satin Chrome

Code: 9621C2126D
Weight: 2.00 lbs



Product Description



C9600 Cabinet Lock

The 9600 Series Cabinet Lock is ideal for securing lockers, tool chests, cupboards or any cabinet requiring additional security. 9600 Series locks are available to suit timber and metal applications.

Protect smaller assets with Simplex Cabinet Locks. The PIN code combination locks can be used on cabinets storing detergent, cleaners, bleaches, liquor, medicines and all other chemicals. Cabinet locks also secure power tools, guns, audio equipment and other valuable items.


  • Kaba’s Simplex® mechanical pushbutton locks use a PIN code instead of keys for access by all authorized users
  • No batteries to replace in the lock, and no software or computers to control the lock’s operation
  • PIN codes are made up of any combination of one to five numbers (pressed individually or simultaneously); one code per lock, changeable
  • Locks install easily on metal or wood doors — no wiring or computers
  • Durable heavy-duty construction makes Simplex locks suitable for outdoor applications, while their attractive finishes complement any indoor setting
  • The locks can be used alone or in combination with other locking devices for maximum security
  • Specially packaged for the consumer market with everything the "Do It Yourself" customer needs
  • Clutch ball bearing knob
  • Easy to maintain - no batteries to replace.
  • Durable heavy-duty construction.
  • Removable or interchangeable cores
  • Optional emergency key override
  • Optional unlocked passage feature